Medical Injury Lawyer Blog

Medical Injury Lawyer Blog

Howdy, folks. Welcome to the Medical Injury Lawyer Blog. I created this blog as a way to share medical and injury-related legal information to those who might need it. As a retired doctor, I still get a lot of questions from people about medical injuries, as well as how medical injuries intersect with the law.

For example, lawyers still call me to ask about former patients of mine who were injured in accidents and are pursuing injury lawsuits. I have always been thrilled to help others, and I’m happy that I get to continue to use my experience in the medical field, even though I’m retired. I want to help people, and this informational website allows me to do that.

This blog covers a wide variety of topics, such as medical recordkeeping laws, evidence gathering for medical lawsuits, medical malpractice, and injury-related topics.

Why Do I Spend My Time Writing Blog Posts?

I care about people who’ve been hurt, and I want them to find the information they need. Not everyone knows a doctor who they can ask about medical or legal medical issues. Those people still deserve to have a place where they can find the information they need. Medical websites can be helpful if you’re searching for specific information on an injury, but those sites don’t always have information related to the law.

This blog examines the intersections of medicine, physical injuries, and the law.

Some Examples of Information You Might Find on This Site:

  • How to Document Injuries for an Injury Lawsuit
  • Should You Visit a Doctor Right Away After an Accident?
  • Can You Sue the Person Responsible for Your Injury?
  • How to Get Your Doctor to Help with a Workers Compensation Claim
  • How to Document Pain and Suffering
  • What the Law Says in Your State About Medical Negligence
  • Should You Take Every Medication Your Doctor Prescribes?
  • Can You Sue for Birth Injuries?

Information Could Be Key to Moving Past Your Injuries

As you can see, there is a lot of information related to injuries that you might need to know. When you’ve been hurt in an accident, the law comes into the equation in many instances. Even when you are filing an insurance claim with your own insurer for an injury, there are laws that will affect your case. 

The more you know about medicine, injuries, and the law, the better off you’ll be.