Drunk Driving Wrecks Bodies and Lives

You’ve come to the Medical Injury Lawyer blog; thanks for visiting! If you’re new here, you should know this blog covers medical injuries and how they sometimes intertwine with legal issues. This post is about drunk driving and how it can negatively impact lives.

Legal Impact

According to one Tampa DUI lawyer, DUIs can negatively impact lives in many different ways. For one, if you are the one who receives the DUI, you could face serious legal consequences: you could go to jail or prison, be forced to pay hefty fines, or be placed on probation.

A DUI will also likely affect your future job prospects, as you are permanently tainted by the black mark on your criminal record; even a misdemeanor can negatively impact your life.

In addition to criminal issues you will face if convicted of a DUI, you could also face civil litigation. For example, if you hurt someone in a car accident, you could be sued. You could owe restitution to a victim for the rest of your life. You may never be able to pay off the financial restitution you owe to a victim.

If You Were Injured During a Drunk Driving Car Accident

If you were the injured party in a DUI, you have the option to sue the driver or others who may be responsible. For instance, if a drunk driver was working at the time of the incident, the company the driver works for could be partially liable for the accident.

Your lawsuit could result in financial compensation for all you went through, but you would have to prove your case. You would need to gather evidence showing how your body was impacted and how your life was impacted by the accident. DUIs cause tremendous upset to people’s lives and not just the injury victim is affected.

Family members of both DUI victims and DUI perpetrators are often deeply scarred from the incident. 

Proving a car accident case can be a challenge, which is why a lot of people will get legal help from a lawyer. You will need to collect evidence to prove your case such as police reports, statements from witnesses, the drunk driver’s confession, physical evidence, photo evidence, and video evidence. Medical evidence can also be used to prove injuries and damages.

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