Nursing Home Abuse: Should You File a Civil Claim?

The abuse of an elderly loved one in a nursing home is devastating. You trusted the nursing home was going to provide excellent care and protect your loved one from harm. You never would have thought something bad would happen to them. 

Sadly, nursing home abuse happens more often than you may think because elderly adults are vulnerable to abuse. They aren’t able to protect themselves. They need you to be their advocate. They need you to watch for signs of abuse and take them away from a dangerous situation. They need you to fight for justice if they’ve been abused.

You might be considering taking legal action if you’ve learned that your loved one experienced abuse.

For example, you may be considering filing a nursing home abuse claim through a law firm such as Halperin Law Center, but you may be unsure as to whether you qualify to file a claim. If you can prove your loved one suffered abuse, you likely qualify to file a claim.

Types of Nursing Home Abuse

Do you know what type of abuse your loved one suffered? Some common types of nursing home abuse include the following:

  • Sexual abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Mental/emotional abuse
  • Verbal abuse
  • Financial exploitation
  • Mistreatment/neglect

Once you figure out which type of abuse your loved one suffered, you can begin gathering evidence. You need to find as much evidence as you can to prove your case. Of course your lawyer can also help you gather evidence. 

You could use statements from witnesses who saw the abuse occur as evidence. You could use physical evidence of abuse. Your loved one’s statement could be used to tell their story. Medical records can also speak of abuse.

When you have all the evidence you can find, you and your lawyer can submit it to help you receive compensation for any damages suffered. The abuser could be held accountable, as could the nursing home where the abuse took place.

A Settlement for Your Loved One

Your beloved family member did not deserve to be abused. They could receive money to help them overcome the abuse and trauma they experienced. They could be compensated for pain and suffering, medical bills, mental trauma, lost income (for family members who needed to care for the elder), and other types of losses.

Dealing with Colliding Legal and Medical Issues 

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